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RefWorks: Installing Write-N-Cite

What is Write-N-Cite?

Write-N-Cite is an add-on that connects Microsoft Word or Google Docs to your RefWorks account. 

The benefit is you can cite references while writing your paper and automatically format in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Installing Write-N-Cite

Campus Computers
Write-N-Cite is already installed on lab and classroom computers. When using Microsoft Word, find RefWorks in the menu or on the References tab and log in to your account.

Your Computer
Check the requirements for your operating system and follow the installation instructions.

Choose One

System Requirements
Works with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard). 

Word 2016 for Mac (video) (helpsheet)

Write-N-Cite is not fully compatible with Word 2016. Download the RefWorks Citation Manager add-in from the Microsoft Office Store

Another option is to use RefWorks Quick Cite to create citations in your documents. However, this only works with alphabetical citation styles and you can't change your document to a different citation style later on.

Word 2011 for Mac

Prerequisite for Word 2011: In order to use Write-N-Cite, your computer must have Java for OS X 2015-001 (download from Apple support). To verify which version you have, open the Safari web browser and visit:


Important: Close Microsoft Word before installing Write-N-Cite. 

  1. Go to this Tools page within your RefWorks account. Scroll to Cite in Microsoft Word and download Proquest for Word (Mac). 
  2. After installing, open Word 2011 for Mac and navigate to View>Toolbars and make sure that RefWorks is checked. 

This activates a floating toolbar where you can choose the user icon to login to New RefWorks or Legacy RefWorks. 


System Requirements
Works best with Word 2013 and 2016 (32 bit versions). The current version of Write-N-Cite does not work with Word 2007 running Windows 7. See chart for more compatibility details. 

Prerequisite: In order to use Write-N-Cite, your computer must have this software necessary to run it.

Installing (video)

Important: Close Microsoft Word before installing Write-N-Cite.

  1. Go to this Tools page within your RefWorks account. Scroll to Cite in Microsoft Word and download Proquest for Word (Windows). Save the .exe file to your computer and run it to launch the InstallShield Wizard. 
  2. After installing, open Word and click on the RefWorks tab in the ribbon. Then choose Log In to connect Word to your RefWorks account.  

Screenshot of Log In area within Word


System Compatibility‚Äč

  XP, Vista, Win 7 (32 bit) Win 7 (64 bit) Win 8 (32 bit) Win 8 (64 bit) Win 10 (64 bit)
Office 2007 (32 bit) No No No No No
Office 2010 (32 bit) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office 2010 (64 bit) No Yes, but may encounter install errors.Contact RefWorks Tech Support for help. No Yes, but may encounter install errors. Contact RefWorks Tech Support for help. No
Office 2013 (32 bit) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office 2013 (64 bit) No Yes No Yes Yes
Office 2016 (32 bit) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Office 2016 (64 bit) No Yes No Yes Yes



Note:  Any additions, changes or deletions you make in your RefWorks account are automatically synched with the Google Docs Add-on. Changes are NOT made to any in-text citations or the bibliography in your document.

Installing (video)

  1. Open a blank Google document and select Add-ons, then Get Add-ons, and search for ProQuest RefWorks. Once you find it, choose the “free” button to add it.

     2.  You’ll be asked to “accept” certain conditions of using the add-on:

     3.  Once you have accepted the conditions, you’re brought into your new document and are ready to start writing your paper. 


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