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THE 205: Biblical Texts in Global Contexts (Henrichs-Tarasenkova)

What is the World Of the Text?

The World Within the Text (also known as World Of the Text) helps you to understand the Biblical text.

It includes:

  • sources that provide interpretation or explanation of the text (exegesis)
  • sources that analyze the text as a work of literature
  • line by line commentary on specific passages

Class Activity

Use the search box below to find a book-length commentary about Genesis (search for: Genesis commentary)

Please find a print book available in the Book Stacks.

Some books only cover part of Genesis; confirm that your book includes the chapter of Genesis (chapter 15, 18, 22, 34, 38, or 39) that your group is studying . 

Search: for:  

Types of Bible Commentaries

In your research you are likely to use two types of bible commentaries:

Single-volume commentary

  • 1 book has chapters covering every book of the Bible
  • gives general information, a brief overview

Book-length commentary

  • A book that covers 1 book of the Bible (e.g., a book on Genesis)
  • gives highly specific and detailed information

Book-Length Commentaries

UP's library has many book-length commentaries on each book of the bible, available either in print or as eBooks. 

Use the search box below to search for: [name of your book of the Bible] commentary

Example: Genesis commentary

Search for Book-Length Commentaries

Search: for:  

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