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African American Experience This link opens in a new window
The African American Experience: The American Mosaic provides a comprehensive survey of African American history and its heartbreaking struggles, major movements—political, social, artistic, and literary—and most notable events and legislative reform. Featuring articles and essays from African American authors and contributors, it gives voice to the experience of African Americans from their arrival in the Americas through to the present day, including the influence of the Black community on popular culture and the aspirations of African Americans, as well as their struggles.
Asian American Experience This link opens in a new window
Developed with guidance from Asian American scholars and historians, The Asian American Experience: The American Mosaic applies a critical lens to the study of U.S. history, exploring the social, political, and economic forces that have shaped the experiences of Asian Americans in distinct historical eras. The database also explores some of the rich and varied experiences of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Island and indigenous groups.
Latino American Experience This link opens in a new window
The Latino American Experience: The American Mosaic defines this national identity as it embraces the heritage and culture of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, Cubans, Dominicans, Colombians, Ecuadorians, and other Latino peoples in the United States. By featuring articles and essays from Latino authors and contributors on topics ranging from changing landscapes to immigration, civil rights to the Chicano movement, and economic adversity to the fight to carve out Latino communities while simultaneously assimilating into American culture, The Latino American Experience: The American Mosaic gives voice to the Latino American experience that features so largely in the making of American history.
Native American Experience This link opens in a new window
The American Indian Experience: The American Mosaic gives exclusive focus and treatment to the historically underrepresented realities of indigenous peoples in the United States. Reference content is organized by time period for efficient browsing, with coverage spanning precontact America to modern native nations. Advanced search options make content also discoverable by region, state, or tribe, with applicable filters to refine by resource type. Developed under the guidance of leading American Indian scholars, The American Indian Experience provides both primary sources and expertly authored secondary sources. Topic-oriented scholarly essays address sensitive topics such as cultural appropriation, reparations, and international sovereignty from multiple perspectives. As part of the American Mosaic collection, The American Indian Experience is designed to facilitate AIS research as well as comparative cultural analysis.
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