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Digital Privacy Checkup: Your Digital Footprint

You Are Being Tracked!

There's no way to get around it. Unless you've taken specific steps to secure yourself, you are being tracked online. By whom? By the owners of the websites you're using at any given moment, but also by a large array of advertisers, social media companies, government entities, and others. These trackers and ads also slow down page loading times and may affect battery life on your device.

The tools on this page will help you learn more about the information being gathered on you, and help you to block trackers you don't want tracking you.

Not all trackers and ads are negative, though. Websites need to be able to track some aspects of user experience in order to run their sites properly and generate revenue to keep the lights on. Keep this in mind when choosing and implementing tools to block trackers and ads.

[Adapted from UW Bothell's Online Privacy and Security Toolkit. Licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 License.]

Your Digital Persona

What contact information is available for you?

What's your overall profile?

Make your Browsing more Secure

Did You Know?

When you post pictures on the Internet, they might include location information?

Your browser's unique footprint helps companies identify you as you travel the Internet?

Your browser can track your every move?

Alternate Search Engine

Alternate Browser

Have You Had a Data Breach?

How to Track the Trackers

NOTE: These apps might interfere with library database sites, and you might have to disable the app to use a database effectively.

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