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University of Portland Clark Library

THE 205: Biblical Texts in Global Contexts (Byer): Exegesis


Bible commentaries, such as the sources below, help you to find exegesis of your biblical passage.

Types of Bible Commentaries

There are three types of bible commentaries:

Single volume commentary

  • 1 book covers the entire Bible
  • gives general information, a brief overview

Multi-volume commentary

  • many books shelved side-by-side cover entire Bible
  • gives more specific information than the single volume commentary and less specific than the book length commentary

Book length commentary

  • 1 book covers 1 book of the Bible,
  • gives highly specific and detailed information

Single Volume Commentaries

Class Activity: Commentaries

  1. Use the UP Library Search box below to search for: Exodus commentary
  2. Locate a book that is available in the Book Stacks.
  3. Write down or take a photo of the call number
  4. We will go to the lower floor to find the book on the shelf and bring 1 copy per group back to the classroom
  5. Look up the section on Exodus chapter 14: 15-31.
  6. Also, use the book that was on your table to look up the section on Exodus chapter 14: 15-31 (if available).
  7. Enter something that you learned about this passage from one of the commentaries into the poll:

Find a Commentary

Search: for:  

Book-Length Commentaries

UP's library has many book-length commentaries on each book of the bible, available either in print or as eBooks. 

Use the search box on this page to search for: [name of your book of the Bible] commentary

On the left sidebar, you can limit your search to Print Books or eBooks:

Refine My Results menu showing Format option for eBooks

Recommended Book-Length Commentary Series: Smyth & Helwys

Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

Connect to this search for all the Smyth & Helwys commentaries 

Then, enter the name of your book of the Bible in the search box



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