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THE 105: Engaging Ultimate Questions: Religion, Faith, and Ethics (Prendergast): Quest for the Living God suggestions

Researching Quest for the Living God

Later in the term, your groups will be reading and presenting on chapters from the book: Quest for the Living God: Mapping Frontiers in the Theology of God. Your group will need to update the information on the topic covered by your chapter (the book was published in 2007).

Each chapter focuses on a unique topic. Read through the chapter, and make note of words and phrases that appear frequently and describe the main idea of that chapter (also see Quest for the Living God Chapter Topics box on this page).

Use the Search for Books search box to search the library catalog for topics you have identified for your chapter:

Searching library catalog for ecological theology

On the left sidebar of the library catalog, use the Date option to limit your search for newer resources (published after 2007, when Quest for the Living God was published).

Limit library catalog search by date

After entering a recent date in the From box, hit Enter or choose Refine to update your search.

Search for Books

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Quest for the Living God Chapter Topics

Gracious Mystery, Ever Greater, Ever Nearer (holy mystery)

Crucified God of Compassion (political theology, theodicy)

Liberating God of Life (liberation theology)

God Acting Womanish (feminist, womanist)

God Who Breaks Chains (racism, slavery, Black liberation theology)

Accompanying God of Fiesta (Hispanic, Latin American)

Generous God of the Religions (religious pluralism, multifaith, interfaith)

Creator Spirit in the Evolving World (natural world / ecological theology)

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