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University of Portland Clark Library

THTR 353: Beginning Scenic Design: Images in Books

Books for Visual Inspiration

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Use UP Library Search to find books, streaming videos, online resources, journal articles, and much more (Search Tips). Need help? See handouts for Finding Books on the Shelf and Requesting Clark Library and Summit Items online.

Book Searching Tip

When searching for synonyms, OR must be capitalized:

example: England OR English

Tips for Searching by Time Period

Search by century: use numbers (19th century) instead of words: (nineteenth century)

Search by the name for your time period (Elizabethan, Victorian, Restoration, etc)

Class Activity: Images in Books

1. Use the search box in the "Books for Visual Inspiration" box to search for: Pittsburgh pictorial

2. Find a book that looks relevant, go to the lower floor of the library to find it and bring it back to the Classroom.

3. Be prepared to show several images from the book and how you found this book.

Tips for Finding Books with Images

Try adding the following words to your search to find books that include images:

  • Pictorial
  • Photograph*
  • Illustr*

The * will help you to find variations of those words (illustr* will find: illustration, illustrations, illustrated)

Books in these locations in the library are likely to contain many images:

  • Children's Literature
  • Oversize

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