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Today's News: Fact or Fiction: Evaluating News Sources

Levels of Bias and Quality in News Sources

The best-known chart of left-right perspective vs. credibility is the Media Bias Chart below; another is the Media Ideology Map currently in development, which will present media perspectives on issues rather than a global rating. Read a guide to the MIM developer's methodology.

The Media Bias Chart

Select this screen capture of the Media Bias Chart to go to an interactive version.

View a list of news sources covered in the Media Bias Chart.
Created by Vanessa Otero of ad fontes media.

Is it Satire?

satire, n. Piece of writing, film, etc. which uses humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize prevailing immorality or foolishness, esp. as a form of social or political commentary. Generally, there's no intention to cause harm.
Definition adapted from the Oxford English Dictionary.

View News by Political Perspective

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