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Engineering: Standards


A standard is an approved set of criteria defining the performance or design of a product or defining the process of constructing a product. (See also Standards 101 - a quick introduction from ANSI.)

Standards are produced by scientific and professional organizations and governments. Each standard's unique identifier has the acronym of the issuing organization followed by a number and date of issuance.  


  • ANSI B152.2-1982
  • ASTM F2083-21
  • IEEE Std 1610-2016
  • ISO 16204:2012

Library Databases with Full Text Standards

Are Standards Free?

Many standards are published and sold. The Clark Library has purchased some in print and also subscribes to ASTM Compass and IEEE Xplore which has full text of their standards.

Some organizations provide free access to a selection of their standards through a viewer (read-only, so can't be downloaded or printed). For example, see these ones from ASHRAE.

Finding Standards

Standards Vendors

Two major sellers of standards are: ANSI Webstore and Techstreet Store. Search their online stores to identify standards that might be useful for your projects and designs. Once you identify a specific standard, contact Diane Sotak to see if the library can get it, or for more assistance with locating standards. 

From the Library

Use UP Library Search to find print copies of standards available through the Clark Library or through Summit (consortium of northwest libraries). Search using the standard's name or unique identifier.

Search: for:  


Or try an Advanced Search:

  1. Leave first box as "Any field" and enter issuing organization acronym (ASME, ASCE, ANSI, IEEE, etc.).
  2. Use drop down for second box and change to Subject. Then enter the word: standards. | 503.943.7111 or 800.841.8261 | 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203-5798
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