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NRS 307: Population Health and Wellness: Nursing Research Resources

Resources for Finding Nursing Research

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Advanced Searching Strategies for PICOT Questions

This is a recording of a library instruction session about advanced strategies for effectively searching PICOT questions in three library databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, and PubMed), which was presented to NRS 605 in November 2019.

Use the three line menu icon (in the upper-left corner) to see and navigate to chapters of this recording covering specific topics.

Age Limiters in Library Databases

Some of the databases frequently used by NRS students have special limiters for different age groups; using these limiters is a great way to find articles about your specific population. Limiters can be items you select from a list (default) or text you enter in a search box (noted below). 






Infants & Toddlers

Infant, Newborn: birth-1 month
Infant: 1-23 months
All Infant

Infant Behavior/Care/Mortality^^

Infant, Newborn: birth-1 month
Infant: 1-23 months
All Infant: birth-23 months

Neonatal (birth-1 mo)
Infancy (2-23 mo)

Early Childhood

Child, Preschool: 2-5 years
Child, Preschool^^

Preschool Education

Child, Preschool: 2-5 years

Preschool Age (2-5 yrs)

Middle Childhood

Child: 6-12 years

Elementary Education
Primary Education
Specific grades (Grade 1, Grade 2, etc.)

Child: 6-12 years

School Age (6-12 yrs)


Adolescent: 13-18 years

Junior High Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Specific grades (Grade 6, Grade 7, etc.)

Adolescent: 13-18 years

Adolescence (13-17 yrs)

Early Adulthood

Young Adult^^ (19-24 years)

Higher Education

Young Adult: 19-44 yrs

Young Adulthood (18-29 yrs)

Thirties (30-39 yrs)

Middle Adulthood

Middle Aged: 45-64 years

Adult Education

Middle Aged: 45-64 years

Middle Age (40-64 yrs)

Late Adulthood

Aged 65+
Aged, 80 and over


Aged: 65+ years
Aged, 80 and over

Aged (65 yrs & older)
Very Old (85 yrs & older)

End of Life

Hospice Patients^^
Hospice and Palliative Nursing^^


Palliative Care^^
Terminal Care^^

Palliative Care^^

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