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IHW 326: Community Health Promotion: More Tools: Google Scholar

When to Use It

Google Scholar can be a useful search tool, because you can search the full text of articles. Use it for these purposes:

  • Locate articles when you feel stuck
  • Identify a useful article, and bring it back to ERIC and Education Source to see how they describe it
    • You might find usable subject terms, to help you find similar articles.
  • Bring an article to Google Scholar from Clark Library databases, to find newer articles that cite it.
    • Search within citing articles to make sure the newer articles are relevant.

Linking Google Scholar to Clark Library Full Text

"Cited by" Searching: Finding Who Cited a Key Resource

Search Google Scholar for key articles that you have located on your topic to look for more current publications that cited your original article.

Choose the Cited by link to find more current publications that cited your original article:

Cited by link highlighted

Browse through the list of citations, or search within citing articles to find a specific topic:

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