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University of Portland Clark Library

Persistent Links to Library Resources: Off-Campus Access Plugin (Chrome)

What is the Off-Campus Access Plugin?

In Google Chrome, there is an optional browser extension which will automatically add the Clark Library's prefix for off-campus access to the URL of any web page that you are viewing.  This might be especially useful for determining if the library has access to the full-text of online articles that you locate through Google or Google Scholar. This functionality is currently only available in Google Chrome.

How to Get It

  1. In the Chrome Web Store, search for: EZproxy Redirect
  2. After locating the EZproxy Redirect extension, choose Add to Chrome. When prompted to confirm, choose Add extension
  3. A book icon  will be added to your Google Chrome browser
  4. To configure EZproxy Redirect to work with UP library resources, right-click the book icon and choose Options
  5. On the EZproxy Redirect page (see screen capture below), search for University of Portland, then select it and choose Add. Choose the Save button to save your selection

Search for: University of Portland; Select: University of Portland and choose Add; Lastly, choose Save


For questions about obtaining persistent links and making them off-campus ready, contact the Reference Librarians at:

How does It Work?

  1. When you find an online article that you want to try to access through the UP library, choose the book icon in Google Chrome.
  2. The article's web page should load again with the prefix for off-campus access.
  3. You may be prompted to login with your UP username and password if you have not already accessed other UP library resources that require authentication.

Choose the book icon to add the prefix for off-campus access to the URL of this page

Error Message: URL Not Configured for Off-Campus Access

If you see the error message (below) indicating URL Not Configured for Off-Campus Access, this usually indicates that UP does not have an online subscription to this resource.

However, in some cases this message may appear due to a technical issue that needs to be resolved. Use the Submit button on this page to alert a librarian to confirm if we have access to this resource.


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